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Personal reflections


It was an honour and a privilege to join Kate, Tabatha, Rachel and Nicola on the last day of their Ride for Lorna

Personal reflections

A birthday ride for Lorna

Sad not to be in Scotland with Lorna's family and the Ride for Lorna Team today, Lorna's 38th birthday, but grateful I was able to join them from a distance as I completed my personal Ride for Lorna this morning.

Personal reflections

Ride for Lorna

Please support Kate Mills and her team who take on the challenge of the North Coast 500 during the first week of August to raise funds for the Injured Jockeys Fund and Retraining for Racehorses in memory of amateur jockey Lorna Brooke.

Personal reflections

Lorna Brooke

Desperately sad to hear of Lorna's death yesterday after her fall at Taunton last week. I've known Lorna since she was just a few weeks old and watched and helped her to grow up - fun times at Pencombe organising her birthday parties, or on the beach at Aberdovey...

Personal reflections

Harvest run

There is something about the harvest. It is what the countryside has been building up to all year.