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My family motto is Facta Non Verba (Deeds Not Words), a Victorian textbook pun on our family name!

I like to live up to my motto. However, I am also moved, from time to time, to reflect, write, edit and publish.

I write about our relationship with money, humanity, spirituality, local affairs, and I keep a gratitude journal.

I also write about books that inspire or infuriate me.

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Couple planning financial resilience
PSL Newsletters

How to use key financial ratios to become financially resilient

Welcome to the November edition of The Meaningful Newsletter, which continues with the theme of resilience by drilling into financial resilience and the power of Key Financial Ratios.

Find links to free downloadable assessments and factsheets at the end, and an offer to get your personal resilience assessment at half price during November.

Nunnington News

Nunnington News November 23

As always, in November, we devote space to Remembrance Sunday and all those who gave their lives in the First World War and later conflicts.

Pandora and beware the passive voice

Beware the Passive Voice

The passive voice is a way for your friends to avoid taking responsibility for their actions and is a litmus test for their loyalty and support.

Old conservatory and difficult financial decisions around property

Difficult financial decisions

Three types of money maturity will help you with difficult financial decisions around property after your kids leave home.

Downsize, rent to buy on the coast at Whitby

Downsize, rent or buy?

If you are in a post-children dilemma over your property, consider how to deal with these critical elements of the decision.