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Old age ain’t for sissies

Old age ain't no place for sissies, as the saying goes, and death is inevitable, so it pays to prepare well before it happens.

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Enough is Enough

How to be enough and have enough to release the music locked inside you without damaging yourself.


Longevity from strength

According to experts, strength training leads to greater longevity than CV exercise; retaining a coach or trainer will improve your chances of success.

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PSL Newsletters

Scrap Your Resolutions

Give up your New Year's Resolutions now, before your failure to achieve them leaves you feeling even worse than the pain that prompted you to initiate them.

Flourish with a cartwheel

Family Christmas Hopes and Fears

Your family Christmas is a time to reflect on the emotions you experience over the season and consider how they echo the rest of the year.

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Nunnington News

Nunnington News December 23

Short, sharp and to the point again this month, this edition of the News contains details and updates of the many events happening over December, as well as information about changes to the regular village services over the holiday period.