I’m Jeremy Deedes

I am in my late 60s and live in Yorkshire in the UK. I am married with one son who works in St Andrews. Two black cats share the family home (sadly, Gussie died in March 23). I run a coaching business supporting parents whose kids have flown the nest to reorganise their lives and money so they can grow their wealth, find a new purpose and live with grace.


Cycling, walking, running, writing, and reading are among my interests.

In 2021 I joined a small group cycling part of the North Coast 500 to raise money for charity, and I cycle locally in the summer.

I love walking locally and elsewhere. For two consecutive years a few years ago, I walked with friends in the hills around Cáceres in Spain. In my youth, I walked the Pennine Way, trail blazed the West Highland Way from Glenfinnan outside Fort William to Cape Wrath and have completed the Lyke Wake Walk on a number of occasions.

Although my days of half-marathons are behind me after completing the Great North Run seventeen times since 2002, I still run 10-15km a week in the Rye Valley.

I read avidly for my work, leisure and personal development. My favourite authors are Daniel Priestley and Bernadette Jiwa (business), Jodi Taylor (for laughter, tears and a lot of history), Bréne Brown, Tasha Eurich, Emma Seppälä and Anne Lamont (for life guidance) and Helen Macdonald and Natalie Haynes (for putting spirituality and philosophy into the natural and mythological worlds). I’ve recently come across Henry Porter, who successfully and grippingly tackles the subject of surveillance in his novel “The Dying Light”.

I find spiritual fulfilment in Lourdes, where I join helpers and pilgrims twice a year. My pilgrimage to Lourdes in July is, without a doubt, the most important week of my year.And, of course, I do enjoy writing. You could say it runs in the blood. Over the years, I have learnt quite a bit about writing English that is readable, persuasive and sharable, and you can download my writing guide from the link below.


I run programmes for parents aged 45 to 65, who are between the kids leaving home and retirement, on how to become masters of the second half of their lives so that they can achieve financial and personal wealth and find a new purpose in their lives on which to build a legacy.

I recently coached a couple in their mid-50s whose children had left home. Their parenting “job” had ended, as would their “day jobs” in the not-too-distant future as retirement approached. They were concerned because the purpose and meaning of their lives seemed to be fading away, and they feared the rest of their lives would be empty and unfulfilling even though they still had the skills, health and energy to make an impact.

The couple were also concerned their money might run out before they did, making it difficult to support their children and grandchildren and maintain a strong family relationship. And they wondered how they might occupy their time, meet new friends, become part of new communities, make an impact and generally continue to lead a life that gave them purpose and meaning.

I spent ninety minutes with the couple, during which I asked powerful open questions, listened to answers, and helped the clients work out what they needed to do.

As a result, the clients left with a spring in their step and a plan for the future, which included moving to London to be close to their children and the capital’s cultural communities, winding down their practices and negotiating ongoing part-time work with their clients and employers.

They would also re-assess their relationship with their money with a view to ensuring their money lasted their lifetime with some left over for the children and gave them the opportunity to live a fulfilled life.

In summary, I ask powerful and open questions designed to help clients open up new avenues of thought, grow and develop.

My brief CV

  • Educated at Ampleforth College and the Universities of Reading (BSc), Aston (MBA) and Chester (PG Cert)
  • Received a commission in the British Army and served in BAOR and Northern Ireland
  • Career in financial services (marketing, investment, insurance, financial advice and financial planning) from 1983 to 2016 (33 years)
  • Qualified as a Certified Financial Planner, Fellow of the Institute of Financial Planning, and the UK’s first Kinder Institute Registered Life Planner
  • Set up, grew and sold Planning for Life, a financial planning firm
  • Served on the Board of the Institute of Financial Planning
  • Lead trustee of the Ampleforth Society for ten years
  • Gained a Post-graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching and established Project Sophia Ltd, a coaching and training business.
  • Published Right Money, Right Place, Right Time (January 2015)
  • Led a global collaborative book project to write and publish Enough (October 2021)
  • Currently providing life and financial coaching to help empty nesters who have survived parenthood develop a constructive relationship with money so they can grow wealthy and thrive spiritually in the years to come