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For many years, Margaret Timbrell, the village’s lay preacher, published a monthly newsletter, two sides of A4 typed out on an old-fashioned typewriter and roneoed by the staff at Nunnington Hall. However, as Margaret aged, she felt she couldn’t continue with the newsletter and asked volunteers to take it over. Clang and Tracey duly answered the call and found it was a little bit more complicated than they had thought, whereupon I was asked to help. The new Nunnington News is the result.

By good fortune, we took over in February 2020, just before Covid, so we could use the Newsletter to inform our readers about the virus and the measures taken to control it.

We aim to publish the News each month, although sometimes it’s just the Diary page, and we aim to inform, educate and entertain the village and the many subscribers from beyond the parish boundary who read the News. As publisher and editor, I take the many contributions we receive through our online form, edit and set the items and usually write an article or two each month

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The Nunnington subscription list is for Nunnington, Ness and Muscoates residents and their families and friends, whether living in the village or elsewhere.The primary purpose of the list is to distribute the electronic version of the Nunnington News each month. Additional emails will occasionally be sent if important information not covered in the News needs to be shared.This private list will not be sold to an external agency.You can remove your name from the list anytime by using the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email.

Back numbers

Nunnington News

Nunnington News December 23

Short, sharp and to the point again this month, this edition of the News contains details and updates of the many events happening over December, as well as information about changes to the regular village services over the holiday period.

Nunnington News

Nunnington News October 23

Including reports on the cricket match and courtyard drinks and pages of information about the many events taking place in the run-up to the end of the year

Nunnington News

Nunnington News August 23

It is wonderful to be able to report on so much happening in our parish over the summer holidays (even if the weather is against holiday events and harvesting this year).

Nunnington News

Nunnington News May 23

A royal theme this month, with details of Coronation Weekend events in the village, and the planting of a tree to commemorate the Jubilee.

Nunnington News

Nunnington News April 2023

It is three years since we took over the Nunnington News from Margaret, and we highlight some of the ups and downs we have recorded over that period in this edition, from Covid restrictions in 2020 to the Jubilee Celebrations in 2022.