Twelve life truths

Sep 5, 2020 | Personal

Author Anne Lamott, often described as ‘the people’s author’,
offers these appealing life truths in her TED talk

Author Anne Lamott, often described as ‘the people’s author’ for her openness and self-deprecating humour, writes on the themes of Christianity and human failings. Lamott offers these life truths in her TED talk:

  • All truth is a paradox. It’s filled simultaneously with floods and babies and acne and Mozart.
  • Most things will work again if you unplug them for a minute
  • Help is an inside job; you cannot buy or date peace of mind
  • Our help is not very helpful; more often, it just becomes the sunny side of control
  • People save themselves only when they hit rock bottom
  • Being full of affection for one’s self is home
  • Chocolate with 75 percent cacao is not actually a food
  • The only way to create is step-by-step with God-awful first drafts
  • Temporary creative successes are events you have to recover from
  • Grace is spiritual WD40 and God loves Vladimir Putin and me as much as your new baby.
  • God just means goodness – it’s not that scary or complicated.
  • Death is as sacred as birth; don’t worry about it, just get on with your life.

These appeal to me for their theological underpinnings and down to earth practicality.

What are your life truths?

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