My family motto is Facta Non Verba (Deeds Not Words), a textbook Victorian pun on our family name!

I like to live up to my motto. However, I am also moved, from time to time, to reflect and to write.

Some of my words are posted here. Enjoy and feel free to comment.

Recent posts

Nunnington News May 21

The weather in April dominated our May edition. Finally, however, the world is warming up at last, and Spring, hopefully, is on its way. And, for a small village, there is still a lot going on. Sadly, we also record the death of our most senior villager.

Lorna Brooke

Desperately sad to hear of Lorna's death yesterday after her fall at Taunton last week. I've known Lorna since she was just a few weeks old and watched and helped her to grow up - fun times at Pencombe organising her birthday parties, or on the beach at Aberdovey...

Nunnington News April 21

Our April edition of the News captured the spirit of Easter, Spring and renewal through a beautiful pastoral article and news and photos of newborn lambs.

Nunnington News March 21

This edition was devoted, in the main, to recording the snow and floods of the past two months, as well as including three obituaries.

Nunnington News January 21

This is a marathon, 24-page bumper issue to keep our villagers occupied throughout the cold, lockdown months of January and February.

Wonderful weather

Grateful for this morning’s wonderful and ideal running weather: cool, a little drizzle, no ice and, most importantly, no wind.

Nunnington News December 20

Lack of time thwarted our plans to make this a bumper edition. Instead, we kept it short, publishing only regular articles and news and information about village events and the new pandemic rules. Next month will be very full!

Nunnington News November 20

We dedicated the November edition of the news to remembering those who had died, particularly during the two world wars. We were fortunate to have people in the village and from around the world with long memories or access to family records.

Friendships rediscovered

It has been a surprise and a joy to reconnect with long lost friends – twice – in the last few days.

A Treachery of Spies

This beautifully crafted story of espionage starts in Paris in 1943 and ends with the murder of an elderly woman in the car park of the Gare d’Orléans in 2018.