Harvest run

Aug 24, 2020 | Local

There is something about the harvest.
It is what the countryside has been building up to all year.

It was a beautiful evening so, having sat on my arse all day driving a computer and a car, I decided to go for a run – not my normal practice as I am better at – and prefer – running (like most things these days) in the morning – something to do with age, I suspect.

I’m glad I did though. Instead of the usual early morning wildlife, I was left feeling a sense of pride and wonder – and a little bit emotional – at our farming community, literally making hay whilst the sun shone after a week of rain and wind.

On my short run up to the Harome foot bridge I came across no less than four combines and countless grain trailers, bailers, flat beds and ploughs – and of course, the farmers and their helpers, all working flat out to get in the grain that will become our bread and beer over the coming months.

There is something about the harvest. It is what the countryside has been building up to all year. The farmers are juggling so much now – the weather, the ripeness and dryness of the grain, the equipment and machinery which is often contracted out and in high demand. On a night like this they will keep going late into the night until the dew makes it too wet to continue.

It often seems to me that harvest is a bit like a party; you spend hours, if not days and weeks preparing for it, then its all over in the blink of an eye when it happens.

Definitely something to be proud of here in North Yorkshire.

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