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three good things

Jul 10, 2019

Family farewell dinner

Thrilled to have run the Gilling Woods 8k circuit in under an hour this morning. There is a big difference between running in the morning and the afternoon.

Second Ampleforth Society Council meeting this evening with me and others on conference call. Good to have some very high powered people on the call. It took over an hour and the result was a firm plan of action. 

Farewell dinner at Gepettos afterwards with Clang. Lydia and Alex before we all go our separate ways tomorrow. A really good little restaurant now and good to be back. A great selection on the menu and good wines. Thanks to the team for looking after us so well (and fitting us in at the last moment, as always).

Photo credit: Gepettos

A Gratitude Journal is just a simple way of
recording and appreciating the good things in life.

Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal leads to
higher levels of alertness, happiness and positive emotions as well as
a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure and better sleep.

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