Here are details of how you can access local Nunnington weather conditions and forecasts.

The station reports directly to Weather Underground, and has ID IUNITEDK315

On a desktop, go to this site, where you can find up to the minute conditions in Nunnington and full historical data for a range of data sets from temperature through rainfall to UV. Underneath the station ID you will see the link ‘Forecast for United Kingdom UNITED KINGDOM‘. This is where you can find ten day forecasts for Nunnington.

There are two apps available for phones and tablets:

  • Wunderstation connects directly to the weather station and you will need the station ID to get data from the Nunnington Station. Alternatively, use the map to select the Nunnington station or any station on the Weather Underground net anywhere in the world.
  • Wunderground¬† is where you can find forecasts for Nunnington or from any of the 120,000 connected stations around the world

Weather Underground is free. However, you have the option of paying a small annual fee to go ad free.

I’ll update this post with a full review in due course.