Gratitude journal
three good things

Jul 24, 2019

Up and running

Thrilled to have had such a good run this am. Woken by Clang heading off early with Jane to the flower market, so was up at Gilling Woods by 6:30 and ran the Gilling Circuit in 56 mins. Not quite a PB, but close to it (fastest was 55.01on 27 June last year). Glad to have got away early on what proved to be a scorcher of a day.

(And picked up three badges, so three good things in less than an hour)

A Gratitude Journal is just a simple way of
recording and appreciating the good things in life.

Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal leads to
higher levels of alertness, happiness and positive emotions as well as
a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure and better sleep.

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