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Dec 21, 2019

The middle of the road

I wouldn’t class myself as a ‘middle-of-the-roader’. Ordinarily, I am in the inner our outer lane of the motorway and life, never the middle. So I am grateful for the lesson I learnt during my run this morning, which was in essence all about being counter-intuitive.

So by the time I arrive at my start point above Skewsby on the Howardian Hills at sunrise the mist has come down and visibility is poor. Although I am wearing my high viz jacket I am concerned about being seen by the few cars on the road at that hour. The safety instinct in my monkey brain tells me to run along the very edge of the road. As I meet approaching cars I begin to realise this is actually not the best place to be, especially on right bends and corners.

I soon work out its better to run in the middle of the road, where I am more visible to approaching cars. The drivers have a greater chance of seeing me from further away. When they see me they too move into the middle of the road. This is my signal to move onto the verge, and we pass each other with ease and with no danger.

So whilst received wisdom rules against the middle of the road, it sometimes helps to ignore the safe approach and be just a little bit unconventional.

A useful lesson, received with gratitude.

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