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Jun 21, 2019

Metafit and midsummer sun

Still feeling washed out, I felt very unenthusiastic about going to metafit and yoga this morning. However, the sun took us outside and the company and Renata’s decision to make the session relatively easy made for an enjoyable and companionable 90 minutes. It’s an honour to be in the company of fun and optimistic people who think in terms of ‘me and you’ rather than ‘me or you’.

And the countryside around Gilling looked gorgeous in the sunshine, green and bright. We all, I think, felt deep gratitude for the privilege of living in Ryedale.

I am very grateful to Jacob and Tory for laying on a wonderful party tonight in Helmsley’s Walled garden to say au revoir before they leave for Canada on Monday. Blessed with a beautiful midsummer’s evening, it was a privilege to be able to walk with a glass of champagne round the garden looking at its very best at this time of year, overlooked by Helmsley Castle. Even the roar of motor bikes from the bikers’ weekend in nearby Duncombe Park was unable to dent the evening.

Traditional Yorkshire food has a very definable quality to it. However, Jacob and Tory bucked the trend by hiring Sophie Ledgard’s Malton Relish. Sophie’s spread was out of this world – light, delicious and exotic, it couldn’t have been more appropriate for the evening, and we were all so appreciative of her skills and imagination.

Finally, a nod to the crow on the signpost this evening, who set himself up for a photo worthy of a modern Seventh Seal…

…and the last of the setting sun,
Midsummer’s Day, 2019

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