Gratitude journal
three good things

Jun 5, 2019

Helpful friends

Grateful to Annette for everything she did today to help Alex and I get to grips with the Munich Uni website, including calling and emailing the powers that be in Munich, and help us work out exactly what’s required to apply for the Masters course in Logic and the Philosophy of Science. 

Gussie doesn’t like going to the vet. However, they are always kind to her there and in fact I think Kim in particular is Gussie’s top fan, so grateful she always has a smile when I collect her. Hopefully we will have the results of her test tomorrow. 

Grateful for my computer skills, the digital equivalent of finding a large hammer and hitting an old Apple,  bringing it back to life and working much faster than before. 

A Gratitude Journal is just a simple way of
recording and appreciating the good things in life.

Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal leads to
higher levels of alertness, happiness and positive emotions as well as
a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure and better sleep.

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