Days Like These…

by Oct 5, 2017Personal reflections0 comments

…are fortunately few and far between.

04:00 Woken by small hurricane, thunder and lightening, gale force winds and lashing rain. Dog a gibbering wreck and tries to hide under the bed, in the bed, anywhere

04:05 Power failure

06:02 Text from Northern Power advising they hope to have power back to the village by 08:00

06:30 Winds have eased, rain has stopped, dog calmer, fall asleep

06:45 Alarm; early rise to get semi-disabled Clang into York Hospital for scheduled 09:20 check-up of her Achilles tendon. No power, no light, no tea (Jodi Taylor, you will sympathise, I’m sure); stress levels rising to stratospheric.

07:12 Text from Northern Power advising they won’t be able to restore power back to the village until 14:00

07:30 Take dog (fully recovered) for a walk. Amazed and distressed by the damage to trees in and around the village

08:20 Depart for York, 15 mins behind planned departure time. Further amazement and distress at the carnage to trees.

09:05 Arrive York Hospital. Queues and chaos a the hospital car park; eventually find a slot on the roof. Put Clang in wheelchair and do imitation of F1 driver round the hospital to get her to her appointment on time (thank heavens for all that practice pushing wheelchairs in Lourdes)

09:15 Arrive at A&E, breathless and check in

09:17 Amazement as nurse calls for Clang and takes her off. I go shopping

10:15 Back to the hospital to collect Clang. Good news, angle of the boot adjusted by a further 15 degrees, she can now put some weight on the foot and start gently to walk with just one crutch. Has to stay in the boot till the end of Oct, but having one hand released from its crutch is a milestone.

10:20 More car park stress; cars, wheelchairs and people all over the place. Surprised not more accidents. Why pay stations only on the ground floor?

11:00 Stop off at Hovingham Cafe for desperately needed caffeine shot and time to catch our breaths

11:22 Text from Northern Power to say power to be restored by 13:00, then amended to 13:45

12:00 Home, feeling as though we competed in an obstacle race

13:44 Power restored; spend 20 minutes going round the house resetting all the electronic timers and equipment.

We don’t get days like these that often, and its very low on the hardship level compared to what many have to put up with day-to-day around the world. Its encouraging to see we can still battle through and overcome the obstacles that modern day living throws in our way.

I love Nabakov’s metaphoric description of a series of wonderful events punctuated by mishaps (broken bridges – and a number of joyful, simultaneous good and bad events, fallen towers). This morning, however, was more like river in spate, few stepping stones remaining.