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Jun 29, 2019

Businesses that care…

It was back to the wonderful Cooper King distillery this morning (after taking Gussie for an early walk along the river on the hottest day of the year), for a running replen of their exquisites gin. I just love their environmentally sustainable bottle re-use scheme – take the bottles back and get then refilled for a 15% discount. Cooper King – locally sourced; environmentally positive; exquisite taste. What a business model.

Thanks to BT broadband for cutting out yet again. With Alex’s help we switched phone and broadband to Zen and discovered it to be held the price of BT for a better broadband speeds. All done and dusted in half an hour, with physical switchover in two weeks. 

Grateful also to Scottish Power for making me aware of the forthcoming termination of my two year contract. An opportunity to research and switch ton Ecopower, environmentally friendly and looks as though it will be a bit cheaper.

I suppose I am still haunted by those days in the early ‘80s when there were no alternative providers and getting a phone installed was a month long nightmare. Technology and the internet have helped to make it much easier to switch. However, my impression is that firms have understood that profits will come from happy customers. My experience with Zen, Ecopower and Cooper Kong tells me loudly and clearly that these firms have invested in good design, good tech and good customer awareness to provide a ‘customer experience’ (terrible phrase, I know, but to the point) that hits bull’s eye.

Grateful to feel recovered enough this hot evening to get my running shoes back on for the first time since my run around Cite St Pierre over two weeks ago. I clocked up a hilly 8km around Yearsley Woods – a bit of a struggle and made it.

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