Gratitude journal
three good things

Jun 30, 2019

Family reunion

So grateful to Clang’s cousin for heading all the way up to see us with the family. They have travelled all the way from Singapore spending time mainly in the South, so it was an honour and a privilege to have them drive up here and take us out to the (newly re-thatched) Star for lunch. We see so little of them these days, and it was a pleasure to spend time reminiscing and catching up on news and views.

Also very grateful to Julia for taking Clang into York Minster this morning for Bridget’s ordination, which was a spectacular occasion, by all accounts, and for bringing her straight back to meet us in the Star afterwards.

A Gratitude Journal is just a simple way of
recording and appreciating the good things in life.

Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal leads to
higher levels of alertness, happiness and positive emotions as well as
a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure and better sleep.

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