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Jun 27, 2019

The annual family shopping trip!

Much to be grateful for today! I’m thrilled to have re-connected with the Right Company. tRC is a global community of small business owners established by story-teller, marketing consultant and author Bernadette Jiwa. This group of around 50 people from all walks of life provides support and encouragement to each other as we build our businesses. Its wonderful to be back, and I am really grateful to Bernadette and Mark for all the work they have done to upgrade the tRC site to v2.0 over the last couple of months.

I headed to Hunters of Helmsley (again) to get something to eat at lunch. It is a delight to be served by staff who are always cheerful, smiling and happy to have a laugh. Serving sandwiches, salad boxes and deli products to hundreds of tourists who they don’t know and who don’t know what they want must be frustrating at times, so the staff really deserve praise. I go there as much for the quality of the service as for the quality of the food, and am grateful to the staff.

The annual Deedes family shopping trip took place this afternoon, to McArthur Glen off the A64. This is normally prompted by the need for new clothes for Alex and me for the upcoming Lourdes Pilgrimage and a general renewal of old clothes worn to a ravel. I hate shopping, and the Designer Outlet in particular, so I’m grateful this was surprisingly successful and unstressfull. We found a number of well made, well fitting, colourful clothes, including this jacket for Alex (not actually on the original shopping list, but hey, its fun – and note the tee shirt. Who went to Fleetwood Mac last week?).

In need of food and drink to recover from the experience, we headed to Mama Mia in Gillygate. Clang found Mama Mia a couple of months ago and its now our bistro of choice when we are in York. Run by an Italian family, it delivers outstanding Italian food and, as usual, we were looked after by caring, friendly and attentive staff. Delightful.

Returning home under clear skies at dusk, we were thrilled by the soft evening colours as we headed north into the Howardian Hills. It is difficult to find anywhere more beautiful, especially on a warm summer evening like this evening. A real bonus to the end of a good day.

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