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Three good things

Dec 12, 2020 | Gratitude, Personal

Wonderful weather

Grateful for this morning’s wonderful and ideal running weather: cool, a little drizzle, no ice and, most importantly, no wind. The early morning mist, though, did make for poor visibility and a little extra care needed to be taken on the roads.

This was my first serious run since back problems grounded me a month ago, so I am not as fit as I should be. However, that didn’t stop me getting round the circuit in reasonable time and I can’t complain about the time on the Riccal Moor lane segment which, if not my fastest at 16.5 minutes is a lot better than many of my previous times.

Grateful that I can still run 10ks at my age – and survive.

A Gratitude Journal is just a simple way of
recording and appreciating the good things in life.

Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal leads to
higher levels of alertness, happiness and positive emotionsĀ as well as
a stronger immune system, lower blood pressure and better sleep.

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