Values and beliefs

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A manifesto for life and personal finance

My personal experiences, my clients’ experiences and my own personal development programme have helped me formulate a set of values and beliefs around life and money which speak to spiritual emergence and now underpin my own life and career.

Spirit of money

• Money is a means to an end, not an end in itself
• Letting go is essential to transforming your life and money
• A good financial plan will help you to live in the moment and be really present in the here and now by compensating for regrets for the past and neutralising fear of the future
• Money is a pawn of the ego. This often leads to poor or even damaging life and financial decisions. Compassion for self and others provides a better decision making environment
• True wealth comes from investment in ourselves, rather than investment in financial assets
• Taking personal responsibility for one’s decisions and control of one’s affairs is non-negotiable


• You have to plan your finances to support your profound life goals, and you cannot change your life without addressing your finances
• Don’t delay achieving your goals; you don’t know what tomorrow might bring
• There must be a balance between achieving important goals in the short term and being responsible for long term financial security
• Usually, the most profound life goals are centred around family and friends; they can require a lot of time without costing much in financial terms

Planning and organisation

• Plans set boundaries for your time and money; boundaries might have to be drawn tight initially and can be expanded as your life and finances become stronger
• A financial plan should help you organise your finances to ensure you always have the right money in the right place at the right time to achieve your important and profound goals as quickly and efficiently as possible
• Planned and controlled spending lies at the heart of a successful financial plan
• Plan only those things you can control; plan for those things you cannot control
• Financial peace of mind is achieved by understanding your current personal and financial situation; even if its not good, at least you know it and can do something about it
• A financial framework and structure is the route to personal freedom

Products and investments

• The test for whether a financial product is right for you is whether it will support or hinder you in the achievement of your life goals
• Portfolio success should be measured in terms of the achievement of your profound life goals, not by investment returns or performance relative to a benchmark
• Of the two key threats to a portfolio, short term volatility and long term inflation, inflation is the most insidious and dangerous and means that you must have a long term exposure to real assets (equities, property) in spite of the short term volatility risk