This was a bit of a shock

by Feb 26, 2016Personal reflections0 comments

Rhododendron Walk

I have not walked along what we used to call the Rhododendron Walk since November, although it is a favourite of path of mine that I have trod many times since I was young.

The woods have been affected by the disease Photophthora ramorum, which necessitates removing all the rhododendron plants in the area to control it.

The path runs along the ridge between Gilling to the East and the Yearsley Moor fishponds to the west. When I last walked along here the path was thick with rhododendron, to the point where you could hardly see the trees, so it was a shock at first sight this morning. However, on reflection, the cut back of the undergrowth seems to have released the spirit of the birch trees that make up most of this part of the Moor. Their splendour and beauty stands out and I suspect this will be a stunning walk in the spring when the trees are in leaf.