My mistakes are my most valuable currency

As I transition from an authorised financial planner into the deeper role of life and financial coach, it seems a good time to take stock.

Over the years I have made countless mistakes with my life and my money, some simply petty, some quite serious. I screwed up professionally in a serious way in my first assignment and later mismanaged my money in a way that left me teetering on the brink.

However, these mistakes, combined with my personal and professional development and my vision for transforming personal finances, are my most valuable currency.

I believe I have never been in a better position to help people make better decisions about their lives and their money. My clients told me I gave them the confidence and support to make far-reaching changes to their lives and money over the years. I am known for putting life before money and helping clients sleep at night. My mission is financial freedom for all.

My vision is a world grounded in  the light of compassion, integrity, forgiveness and freedom and not the dark side of greed, egotism, corporatism and conflict. I believe that balancing life and money at home and in the family is where this new paradigm begins, not in the big corporations.

Why personal finances are so important?

It has been my privilege for over twenty years as a practicing financial planner to help many people resolve three fundamental and interconnected issues around their lives and personal finances:

•    They have no life or financial plan

•    Their investments aren’t performing

•    They aren’t living the lifestyle they want

Personal finances re-imagined

So I re-imagined how to help clients deal with their personal finances in a way that reconnects money to life. I combined skills from the coaching and councelling professions with leading edge financial planning skills and developed a unique programme for my clients called FUTURE, the sole purpose of which is to ensure they always have the right money in the right place at the right time to live life to the full.

Four questions

As a start point, ask yourself these questions:

•    How happy are you with your personal finances?

•    Do your personal finances drain your energy with worry and fear, or do they help you lead a fulfilled life?

•    Are your personal finances well organised, or a mess?

•    Are your personal finances working for you or for a financial institution?

A process for change

How did you respond to those questions? Were your answers positive and confident, or did the questions precipitate feelings of anxiety and unease in you?

I can tell you that my answers to these questions used to be terrible. Over the years I worked out how to turn the tables on my life and money so that the answers are now pretty positive. With help from many sources (see the ‘Influences’ box above), I turned this into a process which I call FUTURE and which forms the basis of my work at Living Money.