Its ironic to note that the value of the proposed household fracking bribe (sorry, share of the profits) is the same as the payment allegedly required by a Kenyan sports official to warn his athletes of forthcoming drug checks (£10,000 according to BBC reports).

One always has high hopes for a new government. Mrs May seems to have dashed those hopes pdq. Really, its pathetic. She and her minions sit their in their ivory Whitehall towers with no idea of what Yorkshire residents are thinking and feeling and resort to money as the solution to everything without even bothering to come up here and say hello.

One reason for the large Brexit majority in this area was that people were not voting against the EU per se – they were voting against remote institutions who do not listen. Evidently this new government has still not listened. Well, Mrs May listen to this figure: 4,375.

I suppose, on the upside, this proposal does at least implicitly acknowledge that fracking is a flawed process that will lead to discontent and a deterioration in our lifestyles and standards of living. Whether £10,000 accurately reflects that deterioration is another matter.

Sadly, this proposal will be highly divisive. In this less than affluent part of the UK some people will find this offer very attractive, and who can blame them. Others will see it as a cynical ploy. All May is doing from her London eyrie is creating division and conflict in this Northern outpost of her kingdom rather than coming up here, listening to her voters and putting in the hard work of trying to resolve our whole energy question in a calm, considered way that unifies, rather than divides.