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Jun 3, 2023 | PSL Newsletters

Being of service and making an impact, the third element of the Virtuous Circle, is essential to life after the kids leave home.
Being of service and making an impact, the third element of the Virtuous Circle, is essential to life after the kids leave home.
I arrived in Lourdes in the French Pyrenees yesterday after a fraught train journey from York. I spend two weeks a year in Lourdes. This first week is a Pilgrimage of Service dedicated to helping run the Sanctuary and assisting sick and disabled pilgrims to experience the compassion and healing power of the Shrine.


The second week, in July, is a Pilgrimage of Healing when we bring a group of assisted pilgrims to the Shrine.


Service is the essence of Lourdes, and during these two weeks, I believe all the volunteers make a significant and beneficial impact by being of service to others.


Interestingly, someone who looks after number one is described as self-serving, usually with derogatory descriptions applied.

Service is part of the virtuous circle of Spirituality, Wealth and Impact (see the diagram below). In my March Meaningful Newsletter, I considered how money is an integral part of the wealth you can use to make an impact. I argued that money is dangerous if you let it become the centre of your universe. In the April Meaningful Newsletter, I showed how wealth and spirituality could co-exist by learning money maturity, building a good relationship with money and applying the six-stage FUTURE process.

This month, I am inspired by Lourdes to reflect on Impact, the third leg of the virtuous circle. The lesson of Impact is elementary and particularly relevant if you have lost your way, and a week in Lourdes drives it home:


Serving others gives meaning and purpose to your life.


I see this everywhere in Lourdes. Naturally, pilgrims with limited or total disability are delighted to be here. However, they are only here because many volunteers commit to serving others for a few days. As volunteers, we make a significant impact. We make the world a better place for those whose disabilities prevent them from appreciating life fully. Unsurprisingly, joy is one of the most extraordinary emotions on display in Lourdes.


And the service we provide to others has a significant impact on us. I experience such a profound sense of meaning and purpose in Lourdes that I consider these two weeks the most important of the year. The place, the community and the work I do for others generate an immense sense of spirituality. But, of course, I can only do this because of the wealth of skills, organisation, connections and money I have accumulated over the years.


And so the virtual circle of spirituality, wealth and impact is complete.


I volunteer at Lourdes, but that does not mean you only achieve a sense of purpose through voluntary activities. As I wrote in my Insight Post of the 24th of May, money usually does come into the equation. You make someone’s life better, or you solve a problem for them, and you charge for your goods and services. The art of simultaneously enjoying financial and spiritual wealth is to treat the costs you incur and the profits you earn from serving others as a side effect, not the primary purpose.


Should we ever meet in a lift to the tenth floor and you ask me what I do, this is the answer you will receive:


“I support empty nesters who have survived parenthood to organise their money and life so they can grow wealthy, make an impact and thrive spiritually.”


Three pivotal events have inspired me to work in this arena.


  • My parents’ slow, stay-at-home retirement.
  • The ruinous consequences of a severe financial misjudgement I made many years ago.
  • The loss and a lack of direction I experienced when my son left home a few years ago.


Whilst I can and will develop training programmes, group coaching programmes, and a community for empty nesters, personal one-to-one coaching is where it begins.


I have launched a portfolio of programmes based on the FUTURE process to support you as you re-organise your life and money to grow your wealth and find spirituality by making an impact.


Phase One is the Foundation stage. You will work first on your inner self, identifying past beliefs, patterns, successes, failures and emotions that hold you back. Next, you will work on your outer self, identifying weaknesses in your mindset, finances, health, networks and other resources you need to address to build your resilience.


Phase Two is the Utopia stage, where you design the way you want to live in the future.


Phase Three is about getting to your destination and encompasses Transformation, Resources, Roadmap and Engagement. This is the essential part of the process and where you will spend most of your time.


I would love to hear from you if you want to know more. Please click the button below to arrange a 20-minute call to discuss your requirements and decide if I can help. The call is free, in confidence and without commitment.


Alternatively, dive straight in with Fast FUTURE Online, a 50-minute whistle-stop review of your FUTURE life, including tips and a Personal Manifesto exercise to complete in your own time. Click the button below to arrange a session, and be sure to use the discount code FUTURE50 to obtain a 50% discount as a loyal follower.


You can find full details of my main packages on my online store at https://programmes.projectsophialtd.co.uk/store. Please call me if you would like to test the programmes and get your discount code as a beta tester.


In previous newsletters, I have written about the importance of money, wealth and spirituality. I cover Impact and service above. However, I have yet to cover a crucial ingredient in the mix.




We are all leaders, particularly if we wish to make an impact. I will provide tips on leadership and help you develop your leadership skills in the July Meaningful Newsletter, published on Saturday, 1st July.


Until then, if not before,

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What do you think?

Your views are important, and your fellow readers would love to hear your opinion, so share your thoughts in the comments box below, and thank you for your time and generosity.


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