It was a real privilege to have been asked to talk to a part of our local school about money. this was part of their Chaplaincy programme and I was asked to talk about the ethics and morality of money, focusing on integrity issues around money.

I based the presentation on the core principles of St Benedict, including integrity, humility, equilibrium, sustainability and hospitality, all of which are more than relevant to our dealings with money.

We divided them up into small groups and set them to work, after the initial presentation, on a series of vignettes, all based on actual events. I asked each group to consider their initial gut reaction to the situation, then analyse the principles involved before looking at tools and teachings that would help them to resolve similar situations. Finally, each group was asked to review their initial gut reaction and see if it had changed as a result of the discussions.

The presentation seemed to go down well. However, the most impressive aspect of the evening was the behaviour of the students, their interest and willingness to discuss and respond intelligently and politely.

All in all, a thoroughly enlightening evening.