Thrilled that Tim Bulmer has agreed to illustrate my book. Really looking forward to seeing his solutions to a difficult brief.

Loved his comments on reading my third draft:

Hi Jeremy

Just finished reading “Living Money” and the greatest praise that I can give it is that I finished it, enjoyed it and I think understood just about all of  it.

It is very well written (bit patronising of me as why shouldn’t it be!) and the ethos behind it is sincere, ethical (Roger Steare would heartily approve) and extremely timely. To extol an alternative philosophy to that of greed – “toys and bling” –  and to make it so much more palatable than the naively nauseous route to greed and instant gratification.

I think the design of the book itself will be hugely important especially in terms of reaching out to as wide an audience as possible and by way of highlighting its unique quality. It preaches without being ‘preachy’ – it doesn’t patronise – it is a guide – a friend. It should be on every bedside table and desk in the land and if everybody took it to heart we’d certainly be all the better for it. (I appreciate that it isn’t designed for everybody but hopefully you appreciate my schoolboyish enthusiasm).

Anyway – I feel that congratulation are in order!

Kind regards