My FB friend Leena Sowambur posted this today: ‘We all know that continuous learning is important, but it isn’t enough to watch a few YouTube videos, read some unchecked blogs and the odd book. We run the risk of believing that we understand things more than we actually do because we can hold and understand aspects of various conversations when we are generally naive to important foundational structure. Get real world face to face education with experienced practitioners who will challenge you to grow and peers who will keep you accountable’.

I am passionate about this and took the time to respond:

‘Great post, Leena. Thank you. I love your comment about ‘foundational structure’. The icing on the cake only gives a momentary, shallow fillip and doesn’t really cut the mustard. You have to bake the cake as well, and preferably from basic ingredients rather than a Betty Crocker Cake Mix, to get real depth and benefit in personal development.

I am not sure I agree with your first three words (‘We all know…’). My own experience is of an earlier 25 year barren desert in my early life where personal development was not even on the agenda. I was in my comfort zone and didn’t want to leave it until I realised that standing still was not going to get me anywhere. The stories I hear from my clients are similar, and when they come to me it is often the case that lack of both skills and self-understanding is a key obstacle to achieving  important life goals. Forgive me for blowing my own trumpet when I tell you that I now see my role as a financial life planner as being primarily to provide clients with the encouragement and resources (time and money) to make a journey of personal development and growth out of their comfort zones. True wealth lies not so much in a portfolio of investments and property as in ourselves.’