Developing new services at Planning for LifeWith my wing woman Jane’s help I have made good progress over the last two or three weeks on developing new services for Planning for Life, my one-to-one coaching, planning and advisory service.

My existing services, whilst still acceptable, need an overhaul to keep pace with the ever changing regulatory environment. More importantly, as my own views and values change developing new services becomes important.

Developing new services to reconnect life and money

Up to now I have positioned Planning for Life as financial planners working in the life planning arena. However, my mantra for years has been that you cannot improve your life without addressing your finances; similarly, you cannot manage your money without knowing how it is going to be used in your life. To this end I want to re-position PFL as life planners and coaches able to sort out clients’ money at the same time.

I have also been concerned for some times that clients do not grasp proper ownership of their plans, sometimes using Planning for Life as a useful prop to abrogate responsibility for their lives and finances. This is dangerous, for us and for the clients, so I want to reverse the trend by making clients do more work, and become more involved in their own lives and money.

Interactive, multi-media coaching and advice

Except where it comes to technical advice on money, which clients would not be expected to have a view on, my role has to be that of facilitator. As the saying goes, if you are working harder than your clients, they are not making the most of you. In a similar vein, clients need educating about money. I find myself constantly answering the same questions, often from the same clients, and I feel we need to ‘productise’ these FAQs, making them available 24/7 in a range of multi-media formats to clients over the internet.

This is where we are going, and in developing new services we are beginning to see the emergence of a combined virtual and personal multi-media, interactive programme to take clients through a six stage financial planning programme that will ensure they are financially well organised to achieve their life’s dreams