‘The Passage’ – never walk in the woods without fear again!

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the-passage-by-justin-cronin2So, now we know. City of Glass, the third part of Cronin’s monumental trilogy, will be published this October.

This is an apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic epic tale centred upon Amy, ‘the girl who saves the world’, and a cast of finely developed characters and events.

The tale is reasonably straightforward and highly plausible, with the added mystery of its occasional touches of mysticism. However, its plausibility and attraction comes from Cronin’s detailed descriptions of his traumatised world set a few years and a hundred years in the future.

The back stories alone of characters such as Amy, Brad Wolgast, Anthony Carter, Sister Lacey and Alicia are novelettes in their own right. Post-apocalyptic America is described in graphic and horrifying detail. Much of the books are slow, descriptive and contemplative, punctuated by violent and dynamic events played out as if they were in slow-motion.

Something is coming. Its the City of Mirrors in October, just enough time refresh the story with a re-read of the 1,700 pages of ‘The Passage’ and ‘The Twelve.’

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