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Sep 20, 2019

London friends and foxes

As Clang and I return from London we have much to be grateful for.

For me, a thoroughly enjoyable dinner on Friday night as a guest of the CU at the Saville Club in the presence of some extremely interesting and influential guests and speakers – and excellent food and wine.

For both of us, it was a pleasure to meet up with old friends, some not seen for years, at SJ’s 70th birthday party at the Putney Boat Club. These occasions only come about from time to time these days and whilst it involved a lot of travel arrangements, it was an outstandingly good evening and we were both so grateful to SJ and her daughters for putting on the show. It’s amazing how easy it is to pick up where we left off after so many years. None of us seems to have changed that much, in spite of the passing years.

We needed somewhere to stay for the weekend and I found the Lodge Hotel in Putney, a slightly unusual and thoroughly welcoming place to stay with an excellent room, great bar and restaurant and friendly service. Although we had to leave Gussie at home in Yorkshire, it was the third photo on the front page of the hotel’s website that sold it to me. Good choice and I am so grateful to dog-loving hotel owners.

Talking of animals, we were amazed to see large numbers of foxes sunbathing on the grass by the car park outside our room, and even on a nearby garage roof. Londoners, it seems, are so used to them now they ignore them. Ironically, of course, they are a rare site these days in the Yorkshire countryside, their real turf.

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