The Journey

Jun 28, 2023 | Professional reflections

Continuing to build my business under the guidance of Christie Mimms and the Coach Pony Team, and continuing to work on the client journey, an element of the Coaching System.
With a clear idea of my niche and a feel for my potential clients’ dreams and pain points, I can now move on to building a coaching programme thanks to some successful initial interviews. The key is to have a clear description of each phase of the programme including a description of what is happening, an example, why the step occurs at this point in the journey, and the outcome.

My niche remains to support parents whose children are leaving home to re-organise their lives and money so that they live with security and renewed purpose.

The journey I will take my clients through now consists of six steps, two sessions per step. I have kept, where possible, the step descriptions to four sentences, covering what’s happening in each step, a practical example, why the step is being done at this point and the result of the step.

Step 1 Build a foundation of self-awareness and peace of mind.

You begin your programme by building an accurate picture of the present. You will focus on your internal self-awareness and external circumstances. These firm foundations become the starting point for making informed decisions and building a plan for the future. And, if you wake up some mornings feeling anxious and uncertain, especially after the kids have flown the nest and the old routines and challenges have vanished, knowing where you stand – even if it is unsatisfactory – will do much to ease your anxiety.

Step 2 Discover your utopia and light your torch.

Now it is necessary to work out what you want your life to become so that you have a clear idea of where you will be heading. In this step, you will discover who you want to be, what you want to have, what you want to do and the values you want to live by. Your vision could involve setting up your own business, volunteering, up-skilling, travelling, volunteering and much more. Besides setting your new direction, clear goals will light your torch and give you the vigour, energy, and drive to realise your dreams.

Step 3 Master your challenges and begin your transformation.

Next, you must overcome the practical and emotional challenges that arose as you crafted your vision, or your progress will grind to a halt. You will address feelings of fear, worthlessness, being undervalued, and “I can’t…” as well as practicalities such as your health, finances, networks and more. Overcoming your challenges will not automatically make your vision happen, but it will hasten your transformation into a wiser, more resilient individual and set you up to thrive and flourish.

Step 4 Utilise your strengths and resources.

With a firm foundation, a vision and a plan to deal with your challenges now in place, you will now identify and use your mature strengths and resources to thrive and flourish, and plan to develop less well-formed strengths and resources as required. Often, a lack of resources (time, money and skills in particular) is a significant obstacle to achieving your goals, and this step will help you ensure you have the resources necessary to achieve your vision.

Step 5 Draw up a roadmap for change.

Now, it is time to consolidate and organise your ideas in a written action plan. You may need to revise your plan two or three times before you are sure it is achievable and one to which you can commit. This may be the first time you have planned how to use your newly released time for holidays, parties, the course you want to attend, work or the looming challenge of your parents’ failing health, and in developing a written plan, you will feel overjoyed that your life is becoming organised enough for you to think ahead and focus on yourself.

Step 6 Engage with the world.

You will have started to do this in Step 1 as you addressed some of the day-to-day challenges and discussed your ideas with family, friends and colleagues. Now, you will commit to your plan by telling the world (or at least those who matter) of your intentions. You have been dealing with your vulnerabilities since the outset, and these final sessions will help you vanquish any remaining vulnerabilities and give you the confidence to put your plan into action. As you do so, you will make your children as proud of you as you are of them.

Putting it into practice

The journey is now a packaged product, fully priced and available for purchase in my shop. I still need to consider developing this into separate bronze, silver and gold variants.

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so share your thoughts in the comments box below, and thank you for your time and generosity.

What do you think?

Your views are important, and your fellow readers would love to hear your opinion, so share your thoughts in the comments box below, and thank you for your time and generosity.


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