From dark to light

by Jan 1, 2016Personal reflections0 comments

My Facebook friend Leesa Daymond once posted this:

‘In this world we are living through a time of both great darkness and light. We have war, and corporate control, alongside a great spiritual emergence. It is time to choose which collective time line you want to take. Trust your heart rather than what you see on the news or told by authority.’

For me, this encapsulates the long and sometimes difficult journey of my life. I started in the dark and over the years have moved, and continue to move, towards the light, towards spiritual emergence, the dismantling of my ego and the abolition of greed and fear in my dealings with money.

During this journey I made mistakes which compromised both my personal and financial integrity. However, it is the lessons I learned from those mistakes as much as my professional education that I now share with my clients, and which I will be happy to share with you to help you on your own journey from the dark to the light.

So, who am I?

In this series of posts you can read about my career, my journey and the beliefs that I have developed to take me through this journey. You can listen to me tell the story of my life, the challenges I have faced and how what I learnt from these challenges can help you to. I also let you into the key influences of my life so you can pick them up and run with them to, if you so wish.

If you are going to follow me and learn from me you have a right to know about me, Jeremy Deedes. I have a duty to tell you, and these pages do just that.