Embrace Your Inner Consultants: A Path to Financial Clarity

Jun 16, 2024 | Insights

Engage your inner consultants—your accountant, technician, and counsellor—to achieve financial clarity and peace of mind.
As an independent consultant, you understand the value of outsourcing tasks to experts to streamline a business. But have you ever considered tapping into your own “inner consultants” to comprehensively understand your finances? Just as your clients rely on your expertise, you can rely on these inner guides to confidently navigate your financial landscape.

Money plays many roles in our lives, often bringing conflicting messages that can leave us confused and powerless. It is essential to recruit and, if necessary, train your inner consultants to achieve a balanced relationship with money. These inner experts are the core of your being, providing the guidance needed to live a meaningful, financially stress-free life.

Your Inner Accountant

Your inner accountant helps you keep track of your income, expenditures, assets, and liabilities. Yet, many people neglect this vital role, leading to financial confusion and stress. As a consultant, you might feel reluctant to spend time on what seems like mundane tasks. However, having a clear picture of your financial situation is crucial.

Consider outsourcing this role to a professional accountant or leveraging technology to ease the burden. Apps like MoneyWizz can automate your accounting tasks, keeping track of your finances and providing timely reports and alerts. This way, you can maintain financial clarity without the tedious legwork.

Your Inner Technician

The financial services industry offers a plethora of products, from basic insurance policies to complex financial instruments. Your inner money technician is there to help you understand how these products work and how they fit into your financial plan.

Given the complexity of financial products, it’s wise to seek the expertise of a professional financial adviser. Look for an adviser who listens to your needs and provides tailored advice rather than pushing a sales pitch. This ensures that your financial decisions are informed and aligned with your goals.

Your Inner Counsellor

Your inner counsellor is your guide to understanding your life’s aspirations, values, and ethics. This inner dialogue is crucial for aligning your financial decisions with your personal beliefs and long-term goals.

While the answers lie within you, discussing them with a trusted friend, coach, or therapist can be incredibly beneficial. These conversations can spark insights and help you clarify your path. Don’t hesitate to outsource this role to a professional who can facilitate these transformative discussions.


You can achieve financial clarity and peace of mind by engaging your inner consultants—your accountant, technician, and counsellor. Today, reflect on how you can harness these inner guides to improve your relationship with money. Remember, the answers you seek are often within you, waiting to be discovered.

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Read “How to harness the power of money” (https://medium.com/@jeremydeedes/how-to-harness-the-power-of-money-6d6a92ccfd5e), which describes the roles of money in your life

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What do you think?

Your views are important, and your fellow readers would love to hear your opinion, so share your thoughts in the comments box below, and thank you for your time and generosity.


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