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Jun 10, 2019

Trains and rain

It was a privilege to help detrain two long trains from Southern German this morning carrying OMV pilgrims from Munich, Friebourg and Salzburg. It’s always wonderful to be at the Gare to welcome new pilgrims and help with unloading the sick and the pilgrimage luggage. As to be expected, they were immensely well organised and did much of the work themselves, whilst being thankful for our assistance when needed, especially in getting many of their very mobile sick of the train and into their wheelchairs.

Back at the Gare this afternoon, detraining the Lyon Pilgrimage, another very large group arriving in two double decker TGVs. Much more reliant on us for help than the OMV, and a pleasure to be there for them. Grateful for the challenge of disembarking many of the very sick and disabled pilgrims from these huge trains and thankful for a good job done well, without accident or fuss.

We’ve been working with a party of teachers and students from St David’s College in Cardif for the last two days and we were all incredibly grateful for their enthusiasm, courage, humour  and willingness to get stuck in and get the job done. A truly remarkable group and a privilege to have got to know them before they head home tomorrow.

On Marian Torchlight procession service again this evening.  The joy of standing in the cold and wet holding a rope! Did however, bump into Palmino, the man who runs the processions. We’ve got to know him slightly over the years, so it was a pleasure to be recognised and acknowledged with a smile as he passed by. Palmino is one of those saintlike figures who has absolute faith. He walks round directing processions with a walk-talkie in one hand and a rosary in the other, remains absolutely calm in spite of the surrounding chaos and under his leadership processions simply happen. When not in the Sanctuary he lives in a small Italian commune in Lourdes looking after homeless and disadvantaged children. A truly remarkable man who helps make Lourdes something so special and a privilege to know him and work with him.

A Gratitude Journal is just a simple way of
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