Sadly disappointing

Off all the places where we ate in South Africa this February, The Turbine was the most expensive and the worst experience.

The restaurant, part of the hotel, is situated on Thesen Island on the lagoon, and I suppose that should have told us what to expect. We hoped for excellent food and service. Sadly we were presented with a minimalist and uninspiring menu and, for my part, a piece of duck that was tough as old boots and tasteless.

We were saddened that our run of wonderful service to date came to an end. Although the staff were by no means rude or inefficient, they did not show the spark and fun we have experienced so much during our visit to family in SA.

Having said at, I would recommend at least going for a drink at the Turbine. The developers have done a superb job in converting the old power station into a hotel and restaurant, keeping the original machinery in place and mixing in a modern guest space with style and panache. However, for a bite to eat try Chatters, a couple of hundred yards away on Grey Street.