At the end of July, after thirty years, I stopped giving authorised advice. I completed the handover of my clients to Serenity Financial Planning. I wrote about this personally profound event at the time. It released me from the stress and strains of the regulatory and litigious environment of authorised financial services. Most importantly, it released time for me to make progress with Living Money.

However, I also took wing, sometimes solo, sometimes with family and friends. I walked in Extramadura. I completed two pilgrimages to Lourdes. I spent time in Florence and Scotland and travelled round the country visiting family.

Whilst reveling in freedom I also felt a bit like the UK after Brexit. I was out of the old story, knew roughly where the new story that was Living Money was meant to be (financial life coaching), but was not entirely clear on how to get there.

Progress begins

This autumn, with Alex back at University for his second year and Clang working on her wedding flowers, jewellery commissions and the Friends for Arts Sake fair, I got my feet under the desk and started to think. This was a luxury. I had had little time to think and plan during the last couple of years at Planning for Life. Very shortly I realised that I needed help. I engaged a coach and I am now making good progress on developing my story, understanding my client’s stories, developing my product blueprint, writing brochures, designing products and raising my profile.

So now I have moved away from the conventional, taking instead the path less travelled, which is exciting and scary. If I have learnt two things in the last few months it is that a coach is invaluable, and, as Michael Gerber succinctly put it, spending time on your business rather than in your business is our best investment as business owners and we should create time to do it.