Lynn Holmes

‘This revolutionised my feelings about money and I became much more in control of it. It freed me up to plan for the future as well as dealing with the present.’

I am a Health Professional working in paediatrics. I was a client of Jeremy Deedes under “Planning for Life” for 9 years from September 2006 until November 2015.
Initially my concerns were, to my mind, purely financial: I was, at that time , a single parent of two young children with limited income and a rather hazy idea about how to manage my money and I was concerned about money for everyday living and worried that I would not have adequate funds for the future, including retirement. Quite frankly, money scared me.
Jeremy took me on under very generous terms to trial some of his early planning ideas and it quickly became clear that my anxieties about money were the wrong way of looking at things: Jeremy’s approach caused me to consider what my money was for and what I wanted to achieve with it.

My worry often clouded my judgement about how I should best use it but, over a period of time, our discussions helped me not to be scared of money, to map my expenditure and to rejig my outgoings to the things that are most important to me. This revolutionised my feelings about money and I became much more in control of it. It freed me up to plan for the future as well as dealing with the present. To my amazement this approach continues to inform my dealings with money and has led to a sense of achievement – and I have enough for my needs and plans, including the first steps to retirement from full time work with lots of activities and goals to look forward to.

There are so many things I enjoyed about Jeremy’s approach to finances.

Firstly, I love life and found that Jeremy’s approach was centred on living life to the full; in addition there is what I would have to call a spiritual quality about this way of thinking since it moves the focus away from love (or fear) of money to what you think life is about and freeing you up to live that life, using and enjoying it.

Secondly, Jeremy pointed out that I only needed to take small and manageable steps to make quite big changes; for example, simply noting the household expenditure in an ordered fashion helped me to see clearly what areas of life I was spending money on and enabled me to switch the balance to what I really wanted to spend money on; looking at my ways of dealing with money and possessions (e.g. a tendency to buy extra of everything, to hoard stuff “just in case” and terrible purchases just because they were cheap) steered me away from these habitual ways of thinking; practical examples and stories helped me to apply lessons to my circumstances (I can never forget Jeremy’s story about a lady whose great desire was to have a decent hair appointment more regularly than she thought she could afford: he helped her to free up the money and that was the kind of simple goal I wanted to achieve too!)

I am so grateful to Jeremy for his patience and unfailing good humour in dealing with me and for helping me to take control instead of feeling controlled by my finances.