A little piece of magic

Sometimes magic drops into your life when you least expect it, as it did recently on our first day back in South Africa. We headed into Grahamstown to do a bit of shopping, and whilst browsing round VoilĂ  came across Haricot’s next door.

The bistro is quiet and peaceful, even with a steady stream of customers, and it is cool and shady in the outside area where we sat. We had a late, light lunch which was exceptional. Between the three of us we had the quiche (‘the best ever’) and the Harvest Buffet, a selection of hot and cold mouth-watering food, including some wonderful salads (South Africa always seems to get its salads right, a refreshing change from the Brit version of a salad).

The service was calm, efficient and friendly, and as a place to relax, eat and chill it could not be bettered. After eating we were left undisturbed to sit on a wall in the courtyard in the shade drinking coffee, a wonderful opportunity to sit and catch up with our friend from the States with whom we had had little contact for over a year.

Haricot’s deli & bistro is an exceptional place. The owner has evidently worked really hard to make this more than just food. It’s a little gem, which I highly recommend and gives the lie to talk of South Africa going to the dogs. If anything, adversity and positive discrimination is turning it into a hotbed of entrepreneurialism.

www.haricots.co.za; +27 46 622 2150; deli@haricots.co.za