Enough: unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are

Nov 16, 2021 | Books

In 2021 I led a project to give a voice to sixteen people worldwide who had struggled to buck the scarcity trend ("I don't have enough…') and work out how to be enough and have enough. I wrote the Introduction and two chapters to "Enough: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are" and helped with the editing and publishing.

How often do you worry about not having enough of this or wanting more of that?

Fill in the blanks yourself. Time and money frequently crop up here. You may also lament your lack of status, control, power, clients, followers, friends, work, holidays, relationships, quiet and much more.

Wouldn’t it be great, though, to ditch the regrets and say to yourself, ‘I am enough’ or ‘I have enough’.

And after the global pause of 2020/21, you may already be contemplating a complete head re-set as your aspirations and priorities are redrawn. You want to know if there is a different and better way of doing things. You want to know how to adapt, innovate and change without losing your skills and experience. Above all, you hate the thought of working all your life for someone else, only to be ‘retired’ at 60 or 65.

How to live life differently

If this is you, get encouragement and inspiration to live life differently from our new book, Enough: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are.

Enough is a collection of stories, lessons, and achievements written by sixteen of us worldwide who have wrestled with scarcity and arrived at a life of abundance. We have been in your shoes, seeking different mindsets and heart sets.

We have heartfelt and often moving stories about our personal and professional evolution, failures and achievements. But, ours are not celebrity fairy tales. Instead, our stories will inspire you, encourage you and open up your mind to the abundance of possibilities available in the world.

We describe what ‘enough’ looks like for us and tell how we defined our goals and values and got to where we are now. We have moved away from living someone else’s definition of success and see our journey as more important than the destination.

We describe how we have used our time, our most precious commodity, to best effect and how we have re-structured our days and hours to make more time for things other than earning money.

The birth of Enough

Enough was born out of passionate and moving conversations about the balance between scarcity and abundance in our group. So powerful was this conversation we decided to share our wisdom and stories with the world. Enough is the result, and it has been a great privilege to lead the project.

The book is a testament to the power of collaboration. We are a geographically, culturally and linguistically diverse group of people sharing a common interest in doing the right thing for ourselves, our families and communities without being shackled by the rules and structures of larger organisations. 

You can read this book because sixteen people from around the world got together to share their stories, wisdom and skills. We worked together to write, set and publish this book ourselves.

A rewarding collaboration

It was a privilege to lead this project, and I am grateful to everyone for their hard work and enthusiasm. In particular, I send my sincere thanks to Ian Berry and Ulla Raaf for leading the publications team, and Ulla for her cover design and work on setting the hard copy and ebook versions; to Jackie Davis for her leadership of the promotions team; to Kim LeClaire and Joel Hughes for the website and to Cat Preston for interviewing us all and splicing and dicing hours of recorded conversation into a powerful and inspiring edition of The Collective Wisdom podcast.

As well as these, I also want to thank the amazing Claudia BroseCon ChristesonMark DyckCaroline HarveySue HeatheringtonJacquie LandemanDarcy LeePete Michaels and Tricia Van Vliet for joining the project and contributing their articles and interludes with such enthusiasm.

For some, this was their first venture into print, whilst many of us had very personal stories to tell. So, we all had to overcome our fears and embrace our vulnerabilities. I don’t think we could have done it without the support and help we gave each other. We have not met face to face. However, we have all found rewarding friendships and connections through our collaboration on the book.

And finally, this book would not have taken off without the encouragement, support and consent of Bernadette Jiwa, for which we are all grateful.

Dip in over a cup of coffee

We designed the book for you to dip in and out of as your mood takes you. Want inspiration? Feeling afraid? Not sure which way to turn? You will find stories in the book to reassure you and inspire you.

Chapters can be read over a cup of coffee, and interludes between the chapters will give you other ideas for riding the roller coaster of life.

Each contribution is the unique and distinctive voice of the talented, heart-centred human who wrote it. Every story contains a powerful message about how to approach – and enter – your liminal space of discovery. There, you find out how to pursue a purposeful life doing work that matters to you and makes a difference to others.

The threshold on the border of our lives is a magical place that can bring us face to face with our deepest fears about who we are and how we show up in the world. Our stories present an opportunity to shed old identities, narratives and beliefs that no longer serve you and reconnect with your deepest, essential self,

Enough: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are is available in hard copy and ebook versions worldwide. Use the links on this page to buy your copy from Amazon. And don’t forget to listen to Cat’s podcast to hear about our challenges in writing the book and our broader life experiences.

Happy reading.