There is so much powerful material in Brené Brown’s Living Bravely course. This quote pushed buttons.

In the financial life planning arena I encourage clients to set spending plans (aka set spending boundaries). Clients often balk at this. They tell me they feel they will be trapped (‘I can’t go out with my friends tonight because I will exceed my going out budget’). I now realise its more than feeling trapped – its about feeling vulnerable, which is good. As BB says, vulnerability leads to creativity and connection. I see this when clients back up their financial planning with a little bit of life planning (‘Lets go out to Joe’s wine bar on Friday; that will be well within my spending plans for the month and I can really relax and have a good catch up with you’).

In the business world, we often feel vulnerable working to niche markets (aka setting boundaries for the clients they will work with) as they will cut out the rest of the world. In reality, they will be able to offer a more specific and fuller service to their defined client market.

Whilst setting boundaries may well be painful at first, living in those boundaries leads to freedom and connection.