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Nov 15, 2022 | Books

My 2023 project is to write a book that will help those navigating the space between the kids leaving home and retirement with the aim of living a fulfilled and meaningful life

Who is it for?

My audience is derived from the following ONS statistics:

  • In the UK, average age of a first time parent is 30-35
  • Assume children leave home at 18-22
  • Parents become empty nesters from 48 to 57
  • Parents becoming empty nesters in 2023; therefore born between 1966 and 1975
  • Average retirement age in the UK in 2023 is, say, 65
  • People retiring in 2023 and therefore born in 1958
  • Therefore, looking at a cohort born between 1958 and 1975, currently aged between 48 (say 45) and 65 (give this group of people a name or aspirational name eg Mid Life Masters)

At the long end, individuals could be looking at 20 years between becoming an empty nester and retirement. At the short end, they could be looking at just 7-10 years.

What are their challenges and problems?

My research to date suggest that people in this cohort face a number of challenges and problems

  • How to rediscover meaning and purpose (after the parenting and day jobs)
  • How to find a new role / job / direction
  • How to find the right personal development course
  • How to stay healthy
  • How to occupy my time
  • How to remain financially viable (incl, for older / single people, how to support children, remain solvent and have fun)
  • How to find new friends and communities (no more school gate)
  • How to regain / rediscover self-awareness (who am I now the kids have left home?)
  • How to deal with feelings of loss (children, work colleagues)
  • How to maintain relationships with children (and work colleagues)
  • How to avoid stagnation and loneliness
  • How to look after older parents
  • How to transition from care giver to care taker

I will be exploring this further through surveys and interviews before I put pen to paper

What are their ambitions and aspirations?

Again, initial research, to be explored more fully, suggest common aspirations will focus on money, health, relationships, self-understanding, meaning, purpose and spirituality, and could include:

  • Resilience – secure and safe from life’s curveballs
  • Financial wealth – sufficient capital and income to last a lifetime
  • Wealth as in “well health”, having the skills, connections, experience etc to make a difference
  • Happiness – a pre-requisite for success
  • Peace of mind – comes from knowing who you are and behaving in accordance with that person
  • A legacy, ensuring they are remembered when they are gone
  • Meaning – ensuring they live a purposeful and meaningful life (by creating change and making a difference to others)

My solution

I’ll offer a process (name?) to help my audience overcome their challenges and achieve their ambitions

  1. Happiness and positivity. These are essential for success, and I will offer ways to achieve these, at least in part, before moving on to the main process
  2. Wisdom. In this stage, my readers will find out how to become more self-aware (which leads to integrity). They will have a chance to carry out excises to establish their aspirations and vision for the next part (remainder)m of their lives. Readers will learn about the importance of values and set about building their own values list. Finally, they will be encouraged to combine all this work into a personal manifesto / vision statement.
  3. Transformation. In the third stage, readers will discover how to master emotional, practical and financial challenges such as fear, shame, limiting beliefs, perfectionism and comparison. They will learn about rising from their falls, leading to improved self-worth, wisdom and the courage to make a difference.
  4. Resilience and asset optimisation (?). Riders will be taught how to plan, manage and grow their resources (especially money, health, connections, relationships and skills) to ensure they are optimised. This is about future proofing their lives, helping them achieve their aspirations and meet their challenges. Readers will identify gaps in their resources (in relation to their vision and aspirations) and plan how to fill them. (Focus on wealth – widely defined – a key emotional tag)
  5. Engagement: Readers will discover how to find meaning and purpose in their lives, live wholeheartedly by day, sleep at night and be their own person by putting it all into action. `i will suggest ways of become accountable for their goals, practicing happiness as a habit, carrying out out regular reviews and engaging in ongoing personal development. The result will be battles won and life lived to the full.

In addition, I will reflect on the virtuous circle of happiness, wealth and impact as shown in this diagram:

Thwe virtuous circle of happiness, wealth and impact

What do you think?

Your views are important, and your fellow readers would love to hear your opinion,
so share your thoughts in the comments box below, and thank you for your time and generosity.

What do you think?

Your views are important, and your fellow readers would love to hear your opinion, so share your thoughts in the comments box below, and thank you for your time and generosity.


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