‘Brilliant! A very comprehensive book on financial life planning, it’s got it all. This is more than just a book on planning your finances (forget those books). This sets a precedent on how financial planning should be delivered in the future. It gives away everything you need to know about planning in spades, and more, developing your mind, body and spirit, and keeping you within the boundaries of your wallet.

‘The book is exceptionally well written, and the structure and the flow make it easy and enjoyable to read. The references are authoritative, evidencing Deedes’ profound knowledge of up-to-date international thought leadership. The exercises are thought provoking, helpful and illuminating. Deedes keeps you captivated and engaged from beginning to end. The examples and illustrations bring the book to life.

‘The section on transformative travel and the ‘gilded cage’ is inspiring, my favourite part of the book!
Jeremy is a visionary, a pioneer, modest but (apologies) worthy of commendation. To be first on the Kinder course in the UK is courageous, to be the first to really get what the future financial world just must look like, astounding. Imagine where people are planned before the money!

‘If you are grappling with life and money, this is a must read. The book will bring your finances to life! And, you to life!’

Steve Conley on Amazon, 17 April 2015.