Bradach Manor, Knysna, South Africa

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Another example of South Africa’s wonderful approach to service and hospitality

We would normally stay with family in Campbell Drive, but age (theirs, not ours) rendered this impractical this year, so we booked into Bradach Manor (or rather, the Alfred House lodge which forms the annex to the main building) a few hundred metres down the road.

From our point of view, this was ideal in every way. We had two of the four rooms in the annex, and for much of our stay we had the Alfred annex to ourselves, so no worries about disturbing others with late night sessions on the balcony or midnight swims in Alfred’s own pool.

We had breakfast there every day, and the staff were very happy to accommodate additional assorted local relations who decided to join us on occasions. Similarly, the hotel manager was only too happy to let a bunch of young South African cousins hang out and swim with us a couple of times, all of which made Bradach the centre for an affectionate reunion of three generations of our family.

As in most South African hotels and guest houses, the rooms are spacious, clean, well decorated and comfortable. Once again in our travels in South Africa, it was the high levels of service that made Bradach Manor an easy contender for five stars.

We got to know two members of the staff well during our five days, and are particularly grateful to Angela and Astrid for looking after us and really making us feel at home. They have been on the team at Bradach for a number of years and evidently take huge pride in their jobs. We sensed that their desire to look after us and make us feel welcome stemmed from a deep sense of hospitality and pride in their work and not – as some cynics would have it – because they were simply looking at the size of the tip they might get when we left. It is not difficult to spot the fractured integrity that comes from being in a job just for the money and we didn’t see that at all here.

As we left Knysna and our elderly relatives we realised that shortly there might be no family left to come to Knysna for, and so no chance of a second stay at Bradach. We hope that is not the case and even if we don’t get back there we have no hesitation in recommending it to other travellers.